It's Not Arrogance It's Destiny
imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails

I received my complimentary Broadway Nails ImPRESS Manicure from Influenster in my UniVoxBox for testing. these gorgeous and easy to apply nails made getting dressy easy and FAST!. lasted the expected few days and they were so easy to take off. i absolutely will buy again. The colors were vibrant, and they were easy to apply using the peel off plastic method

Quick question, I like all kinds of guys. Especially white guys but I never know how to tell if they like us? Cause then that would be kinda awkward. And most said they dont approach us cause there is a stigma that black guys are bigger and better -_-

well, you gotta just be yourself. i live in florida, and down here alot of white guys like black girls. ive only ever dated 1 black guy since i started dating at age 15. but only because none of the black guys really liked me, i got wayy more attention from the white guys. its truly just based on the way you carry yourself. 

You got a country boy?!

haha yess omgosh <3

Damn do i love countryboys ;]

Damn do i love countryboys ;]

I LOVE THIS. I LOVE HER. I LOVE THIS MOVIEEEE dang she was so gorgeous

why dont you and your love make a baby? with a baby you wont feel bored anymore^^.

hahhahha!!! he said the same thing. LOL im not ready to ruin my body lol. and plus itd be hella cute


as i sit here and slowly die of boredom -____________- fml

11Months ago today we found each other and never let go.

haahhaa i love this wayyyy more than i should